Video Capture Card Review

This is my typical review format, but for this review, I am going to make a caveat in that I am not going to rank these cards against each other because of how different their use cases are. Overall Rank (rank each product against one another) Product Description Pros & Cons Price Guarantee Product Specifications … Read more

What is a Video Capture Card

  A Video Capture card is like a Camera, that can capture your screen it is a peripheral device that can be used to capture and store digital video footage sometimes on the card, but other times you need to record to a hard drive on your computer. They are often plugged into a computer’s … Read more

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Welcome to Tech Yeah, a place for everyone weeding through the vast amount of new technology. How I Became Interested in Tech In 2010 my brother in law gave me parts of his old computer and helped me build it into a somewhat capable gaming machine.  From there I got into pc gaming, starting with … Read more