DALL-E2: AI That Will Change The Future

Painting of Fox Done By AI

I asked https://beta.openai.com/playground to, “Make a demo for DALL-E2” and this is what it wrote for me. (DALL-E2 is a simple, easy-to-use 2D drawing and animation software. It is perfect for creating simple drawings, illustrations, and animations. With Dall-E2 you can quickly create your own unique characters and worlds.)  I did have to touch up … Read more

Quarry The Game

“The Quarry” the Official launch trailer just dropped, the spiritual successor of Until Dawn follows up in a traditional cliche horror movie start. If anything like Until Dawn, it should be a choice-driven narrative through several player and character choices. The Set-Up A cliché story setup, that starts like many horror films and games alike, … Read more

Elongate: Elon Musk’s Scandal

Pressures continue to surround eccentric billionaire Elon Musk under scrutiny over third party accusations on behalf of a SpaceX flight attendant’s friend. Twitter shareholders are suing Musk, claiming he intended to drive down the stock price. Lets take a look and see what we can see. Elon Musk Billionaire, business magnate and investor, earned his … Read more

Prometheus God of Fire: God of Tech

There is a battle for the rank and file in the tech world.  This battle wages between giants much like the gods of mythology AMD, Intel and Nvidia all battle for supremacy in compute chips and graphical compute chips.  Which one will bring us fire?In this article I am going to describe the fight for … Read more