Top 5 Technologies That Help With Motivation

Often we lack the motivation needed to complete our tasks.  What are some of the technologies we can use today that will help us stay motivated?  Do you struggle with staying motivated to write, work out, or just accomplish mundane everyday tasks?  Here are some digital technologies that can help us in the real world to stay motivated.


Though not strictly digital, the way we are likely to encounter music, the package will likely arrive digitally.  There are countless playlists on every medium you can think of dedicated to motivating you to work out.  Music is believed to help Alzheimer’s patients manage their symptoms and touts to help with memory and study among college students.  Deciding which songs can vary from person to person or activity to activity.

If you are gearing up for a workout or an athletic event you may want to pick something like Survivor-Eye of the Tiger,  or some epic battle song by Two Steps From Hell.  If you are studying, your preference may be more akin to Lofi Hip-hop, or Vivaldi to motivate you.  Whatever your jam, however, it’s no secret that music is a technology that helps us with motivation.

In this (PsyPost article) their study found that listening to heroic music stimulates empowering and motivational thoughts.  Turn on your favorite heroic music and get to work.

    2. Gaming/Interactive learning environments

Games can be incredible motivators for learning.  The interactive nature involved is much like experiencing it in the real world.  This goes beyond just the brain teasers that you get on your phone.  Many games introduce problems that you need to solve to progress.  Other games may have technical or memory challenges you need to overcome.  The achievements can exercise our brain and motivate us.

In Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there are shrines that have logic puzzles you need to solve to get spirit orbs, which can be traded for permanent life or stamina.  In Dark Souls, you will find you need to develop your technical skills as well as your memory to proceed.  Tomb Raider has logic puzzles and some technical challenges you need to proceed through the game.  All of these can boost your ego and be extremely motivating when you overcome the challenge.

This is why gaming is one of the top 5 technologies that help with motivation.  Can you think of any time games have motivated you?  If you have, we would love to hear from you; comment below.

   3.  Editing software and AI Writing Platforms

If you are having trouble getting motivated to write, an AI writing platform can come in handy.  Writing motivations can never be too few; having a great editor can motivate you and boost productivity.

Jasper AI software offers a variety of tools to help motivate you to write or edit your current content.  Jasper will clean up content you write, assist with tone consistency, which will help if you are trying to maintain a consistent brand voice.  You can prompt the AI and it will write paragraphs for you in a tone that you pick.  Using the premium mode you can link to SEO software and it comes with Grammarly.

Grammarly can really help build confidence in your writing, which can be empowering and motivating.  Grammarly is a text editing software that works better than Microsoft Word and Google Docs, even using the free version.  The paid version of Grammarly has many other tools that help with writing, eliminating wordy sentences, correcting punctuation in complex sentences, word selections and unclear sentences making these mistakes a thing of the past.

This is why I included these in the Top 5 Technologies that help with Motivation.

   4. Online Videos

There’s never been a better time to find motivation! With one search you can find motivational speakers, challenges, thought experiments, music and more..  There are a number of online resources.  Search engines, Youtube, Twitch, just to name a few.

Technology has come so far in such a short amount of time. With it, we can do things we never thought possible. We can stay connected with people all over the world, learn new things, and be entertained. For me, one of the best technologies is Youtube. I love being able to watch videos on any subject I’m interested in. If I want to learn how to make a certain dish, or how to fix something around the house, Youtube is my first stop. There are also tons of videos on how to be more productive and motivated. If I need some inspiration or a quick pick-me-up, I can find a video on Youtube that will help get me moving again. It is a direct link to motivational speakers and music.

   5. Your SmartPhone

With access to fitness apps, step trackers, meal trackers, and schedules, there is no shortage of motivational tools we can get on our smart phone.  All the tools you need to stay motivated are in the palm of your hand.

I currently use My fitness pal and I pair that with a free pedometer app.  I track my workouts and caloric intake, which keeps me motivated to eat right and stay active.  Other programs designed to help with fasting, as Fastic tell you to drink water and prompt you with things like “You’re not a cactus” and other humorous quips. There are keto trackers and apps that deliver inspirational quotes to you.

There really is no shortage of motivation you can get from your smartphone, and most of us have it with us every day.  That is why your smartphone is of my top 5 technologies that help with motivation.

My Top Five Technologies That Help with Motivation

  • Music
  • Gaming
  • Editing Software and AI writing Platforms
  • Video
  • Your Smartphone

If you are ever lacking in motivation, think of the things on this list.  There is something on here to motivate everyone and for any situation.  Not everyone is motivated in the same way.  So try different ideas and strategies to become successful in whatever it is you are doing.  Whether it be listening to a favorite song or tracking your fitness goals, find what you need to stay motivated.

Thanks, Chris C

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