What are the 6 Best Places to Buy and Sell Used Tech

Sometimes we are looking for tech and sometimes we want to get rid of it. I’m going to go over the six best places to buy and sell used tech.  I’m not going to include things like garage sales or thrift stores because you can’t sell to a garage sale or a thrift store normally.

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6) Local stores

Local Computer stores can be a great way to find used tech and even sell your old tech.  Generally these places will have a minimal selection and will not pay as much for your stuff as you can get selling it online or even at your own garage sale.

5) Decluttr

Decluttr has a large selection of phones, consoles, ipads and tablets, as well as a collection of optical media, movies, games and music.  They have quite a selection of Apple Macs at various price points. Their website is user friendly and easy to navigate.  And if you are looking for something in their niche they have fair prices.  Because you are not buying or selling from an individual there is a layer of safety not provided in other spaces.

It seems they are easy to sell to and even pay for you to ship the items to them.  After they receive the items, their experts inspect the items and you get paid.  This is certainly a fast way to do as the website suggests, declutter your space and a safe way to sell your stuff.

They are lacking in the PC department, as in, they don’t have one.  No graphics cards or any other computer parts either.  It seems they specialize in other things.  They buy and sell very

specific products and purchase your stuff directly meaning you won’t get paid  as much as you would on your own.  This is still a highly valuable service for you if you don’t want to take the time to deal with the hassle it takes to sell your stuff.


4) Buybackworld.com

Buybackworld seems similar to declutter although they do let you sell a few more items like graphics cards, gps, calculators, mp3 players, drones and effect pedals among a few other things.  Though they still have a narrow band of things to sell it seems a bit more eclectic than the previous competitor.

Even though they buy more things, the

selection of things you can buy from them is fairly limited at this time.  The navigation is a bit more clunky than other sites, but you can still find your way around easy enough.  And Just like other sites they have an easy to access search bar.

Selling to them is identical to Decluttr and uses the same process.  This site does provide an easy way to sell a variety of unwanted tech with little hassle.  They also seem to have a bit more options when it comes to selling, which could make all the difference of what site you want to sell to when you are cleaning out your tech closet.

3)  Ebay

The tried and true.  It has been around for 26 years.  If you compare the age of the earth to the age of the internet, it was around when dinosaurs walked the earth.  That being said, it is still one of the best options when it comes to buying and selling anything, and especially tech.

It has an easy to use interface whether buying or selling.  The search function is incredibly reliable with google like indexing.  You can find just about anything you are looking for with a simple search.  You can terminate the search and start over just as easily.

You can sell just about anything with a few easy steps.   Click the (sell) button at the top of the page and then click, (List and Item).   Follow the directions, select the category and  upload images of whatever you are selling.  You do submit yourself to a bit more risk than with the previous two because you are selling to individuals.  This could make you more susceptible to scams.  Ebay has buyer and seller protections that mitigate most of the risk, but it is still something to consider when buying on the open market.


Amazon is another ancient giant, even older than ebay at 27 years, both of which were online before the advent of google.  They also have one of the best buying and selling platforms for new and used items alike.

Amazon also has a streamlined search bar that functions well and you can buy or sell just about anything you want.  It is as easy to use as you could imagine.  Someone with no experience on the internet could likely navigate and make a purchase on Amazon.

Amazon has two ways to sell your tech. The Amazon Trade In Program.  Where you can trade a limited number of devices, mostly Amazon devices, phones, gaming consoles, gaming accessories and games.  They also link to their electronics recycling program from that page.  You can also create a free selling account and list an item for $0.99, which isn’t too bad if you are selling high ticket items like your used tech.  Amazon does make you verify who you are, which is inconvenient, but protects you and the buyer.


Jawa is a pc builders paradise.  You can find everything from custom builds to parts.  They have a console section as well.  The site is easy to navigate and you can search what you are looking for as well.  If you are looking for computer parts this is a one stop shop for everything gaming.

Being a hobby pc builder myself I will likely be shopping from Jawa, another great addition to the tech and gaming community.  I may even sell there in the future.  This is definitely the site to watch grow if you love tech.

Jawa’s seller account setup is pretty straight forward, they vett you through your socials and ask for proof of previous selling experience.  For people in the pc building arena as a side hustle or hobby it should be easy enough to produce.  And if you build and repair PCs full time it should be even easier.



What we Have Discovered

There are a lot of great places to buy and sell your tech online and these six are some of the best.  Some honorable mentions are Facebook Marketplace and craigslist.  They didn’t make the cut on this list, but its still a great place to check.  So in conclusion these are the 6 best places to buy and sell your tech, most of which are online because that is where the biggest audience is.  Let me know where you like to buy and sell tech and let me know if this helped you think of new ideas where to buy and sell used tech.

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